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Are you looking for Land Rover Gearbox Repairs in Eversley?

At Safari Engineering in Eversley, we are Land Rover Gearbox Specialists, Range Rover Gearbox Specialists, Freelander Gearbox Specialists and Auto Gearbox Specialists.

Transmission problems come in many forms, from a noisy gearbox to one that jumps out of gear, we've got the expertise to repair your Land Rover's gearbox quickly and cost effectively.

A gearbox provides the drive to your wheels and propels you along. However, as with all things mechanical, they go wrong from time to time. You may experience whining noises, that aren’t from your kids! Or, maybe it becomes difficult to select a gear.

All Gearboxs, Transfer Boxes and Differentials also suffer from oil leaks, that can lead to other problems, often costly. So, if you see oil spots on your drive don’t delay, bring your Landy to us at Safari Engineering for a no obligation quote to repair the oil leak and get you back on the road.

Apart from changing the oil in a gearbox, which should be done at the recommended service interval, there’s not much to do with a vehicle’s gearbox until the time comes, when it fails on you. However, it’s been our experience that total failure is rare, and is often preceded by warning symptoms. That’s the time to give us a call, so we can check it out for you.

Generally speaking, our gearbox repair services take about a week, depending on the nature of the repair. We have to remove the gearbox from the vehicle, strip it, then order replacement parts. Once we have the parts from the gearbox manufacturer, we can reassemble the gearbox and refit it to your Landy.

Sometimes, depending on your Land Rover model, it is quicker and more cost effective to fit a reconditioned Gearbox, either manual transmission or an automatic transmission. If this is the case, we’ll inform you at the point of diagnosing what’s wrong. We also carry a large selection of second-hand gearboxes for most models, which offer you a third repair option.

Safari Engineering’s excellent service now offers full manual and automatic gearbox repairs and gearbox replacement to all our customers from all over Hampshire, Berkshire and Surrey.

We offer a No-Quibble 1-Year, 12,000-mile Warranty on all our Work and Parts?

Land Rover Transfer Boxes.

Your Land Rover gearbox is the first link in the transmission chain between the engine and wheels of your 4x4.

The Land Rover transfer box takes the power from the gearbox and directs it to both the front axle and rear axle. The transfer box of your land Rover has several selectable options that you can choose via a lever in the cab of your Land Rover.

The Land Rover transfer box is a tough component that gives little trouble in normal operation, but if it does fail or need overhauling our land Rover trained technicians can quickly get your Land Rover back on the road. As with gearboxes, the transfer box can be repaired, renewed or replaced with a second-hand unit from our extensive range of used Land Rover spare parts stock.

Land Rover Axles and Differentials

The last links in your Land Rover’s transmission are the differentials, these are like mini gearboxes housed in the front and rear axles of your vehicle. They deliver the power from your engine to the individual wheels of your Land Rover. As with the gearbox and transfer box, the differentials are easily repaired or replaced and we also carry second-hand units if required.

If you’re planning to take your Land Rover, Range Rover or Freelander off-road, why not speak to us about upgrading the gear ratios in your differentials to give you more torque at the wheels. Our improved differentials make all the difference in mud and sand, and the improved gear ratios also make it easier for your vehicle to climb obstacles and traverse difficult terrain.

Reconditioned Gearbox - Defender 2007>

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Right Transmission Rubber Mounting

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Gear Change Bias Plate - FRC9340

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