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Land Rover, Freelander and Range Rover Timing Belt & Timing Chain Replacement in Eversley, Hampshire

Land Rover Timing Belt Replacement by Safari Engineering in Eversley, Hampshire, your local independent Land Rover, Range Rover and Freelander Experts.

As a long established Land Rover Specialist we have changed thousands of timing belts and timing chains on all models of Land Rover, Range Rover and Freelander, since we opened for business 45 years ago.

Correctly maintaining the timing belt, or chain on your land Rover, Range Rover or Freelander is important because it keeps your Land Rover’s engine running smoothly. It connects the rotating parts of your engine together and keeps them in synchronization with each other.

It’s vitally important that the timing belt is inspected regularly, and replaced at Land Rover’s recommended service interval. If, upon inspection your Land Rover’s timing belt is found to be worn or damaged in some way, it’s advisable to replace it. Even if the recommended service interval has not been reached.

If your Land Rover’s timing belt should break it could cause catastrophic damage to your engine. If the rotating internals of the engine come out of synchronization, they will crash into each other causing expensive damage. It’s likely that the inlet and exhaust valves will become bent as they crash into the tops of the pistons. Sometimes camshafts snap and pistons fracture because of a broken cambelt.

There are other problems caused by a worn cambelt. If the timing belt is too loose it will end up whipping around inside the engine, making a loud rattling noise, which will cause a variety of knock on effects with your engines timing. If the timing belt is too tight, it will put a strain on the bearings of the water pump and tensioners it's fitted to.

A tight belt will cause a whining noise to be emitted from the engine, so if you hear this sound make sure to book a repair with us at Safari Engineering, as soon as possible.

Not all Land Rover models have a timing belt, some have a timing chain. A timing chain does exactly the same job as a timing belt, but it is made from steel, instead of rubber.

If you have a timing chain engine in your Land Rover, Range Rover or Freelander, there is not a specified service interval for replacement. With proper maintenance and servicing, the timing chain should last the life of your engine.

There are some situations that can shorten the life of your land Rover’s timing chain. The one we see the most is caused by a lack of servicing. It’s important that you change your land Rover’s engine oil, especially on a diesel, at least once a year, even if you have not reached the recommended mileage.

Repeated failed DPF regeneration will cause your engine oil to ‘sludge’ very quickly. This, in turn, causes all of the little oil passageways to become blocked, thus starving various engine internals from the correct amount of lubrication. One of those passageways feeds oil pressure to the timing chain tensioner, to keep it working properly.

If oil cannot reach the timing chain tensioner, it stops working and your Land Rovers timing chain will become loose. This will cause premature wear to the Timing chain, the tensioner and the sprockets that the chain runs upon. If your Land Rover suffers from this problem you will hear a rattle from your engine and if left too long, could cause engine failure.

If you suspect there is a problem with your Land Rover timing chain, or if your engine is making strange unusual noises, call us right away on 01189 732732

How much to change my Land Rover’s timing belt?

(A timing belt is another word for a cambelt)

To find out how much it costs to change a timing belt, you can use this form to get a quote for a new timing belt.

Timing belt replacement cost will vary from one vehicle model to another. The cost is based on the time it takes to access and dismantle the necessary part of your Land Rover’s engine to facilitate change. Some Land Rover timing belts are easier to change than others, this is reflected in the cost of repair. Don’t put off the replacement of your Land Rover timing belt, your Range Rover timing belt or your Freelander timing belt, it could be a false economy. To give you an idea of current cost (*October, 2019), please check the prices below.

Early Defender 90/110

  • 2500cc Turbo & Non Turbo
  • Every 74,000 Miles
  • Inc. labour and parts
  • £365.00 + VAT*

Late Defender 90/110 & Range Rover

  • 200TDI
  • Every 74,000 Miles
  • Inc. labour and parts
  • £365.00 + VAT*

Discovery 3 & 4, Range Rover

  • 2700cc & 3000cc
  • Every 105,000 Miles
  • Inc. labour and parts
  • £424.31 + VAT*

If you'd like to replace your own Timing Belt or Timing Chain you can buy all the necessary parts from us at Safari Engineering.

Timing Belt Kit - Freelander 1 2000cc

(Excl. 20% tax)

300 TDI Ancillary Belt Tensioner

(Excl. 20% tax)

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