Land Rover Series 3 - Front Chassis Leg Replacement


Land Rover Series 3


22 September 2020


Land Rover

Land Rover Series 3 - Front Chassis Leg Replacement

This Land Rover Series 3 came to us because it failed its MOT test. The vehicle failed its MOT test as there was excessive corrosion less than 30cm from major suspension components.

After a quick inspection we found that both front chassis legs had corroded excessively and rust away due to years of use. Unfortunately, when any part of a vehicles chassis begins to rust, the chassis itself becomes weak, which can cause your vehicle more damage over time. It is important to get your vehicle checked by a professional if you notice your vehicle's chassis corroding or rusting.

Chassis Legs

The role of the chassis is to support the vehicle's bodywork and components. The chassis legs carry the front bumper and also have mounting points to locate and secure the front axle to the chassis.

Signs of a weak chassis leg is;

- Rust or corrosion

- Unusual noises coming from your vehicle

At Safari Engineering our skilled Land Rover technicians were able to remove the corroded chassis legs, and replace them with new galvanised chassis legs.

Having Galvanised Chassis legs help to prepare your vehicle for the toughest conditions, and has a massive effect on the long term durability of the chassis.

Here at Safari Engineering we pride ourselves on using top quality branded products on your vehicles, to ensure you have the best service.

Most vehicle parts are in stock and available within our parts department. However, when a part is not readily available, we will order this as soon as we can (usually for next day delivery).

If your Land Rover needs repairing, servicing or enhancing, give us a quick call or drop us a line via our contact form, and we will talk you through what your Land Rover may need.

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