Land Rover Series 2A Engine Ovehaul


Land Rover Series 2A


17 July 2020


Land Rover

Land Rover Series 2A Engine Ovehaul

Today one of our projects was on a Land Rover Series 2A.

After many years of good service, the engine of this Land Rover 2A had become worn and tired. It started to drink the oil and loosing power. The pistons & rings were loosing compression, bearings were worn which in turn created loss of oil pressure, and allowed the oil seals to become hard and tired. This then caused leaks, slow performance, poor starting, and a sound of a can partially filled with ball bearing rattling around coming from under the bonnet. 

The engine is a vital part of a vehicle, it uses a process of combustion to generate mechanical power from the chemical energy of fuel.  Therefore It is important that if you have any concerns about your engine or your vehicle shows some engine damage / failure that you get your vehicle checked by a professional.

Here are a few more signs of engine failure / damage;

- Knocking Noise from under the bonnet.

- Increased exhaust fumes

- Engine light on

Thankfully the owner of this vehicle knew that it was time for the vehicle to get repaired, and gave us a call. After assessment we were able to advise a full engine overhaul, to which the owner was happy with. Here at Safari Engineering we have the skills and equipment to remove and refit and engine on site in our workshop.

The Engine Rebuild process usually include the following steps;

- Stripped down

- Cleaned

- Assessment / Measuring

- Re-Assembly

Here at Safari Engineering we pride ourselves on using top quality branded products on your vehicles, to ensure you have the best service.

Most vehicle parts are available within our parts department. However, when a part is not readily available, we will order this as soon as we can (usually for next day delivery).

If your Land Rover needs repairing, servicing or enhancing, give us a quick call or drop us a line via our contact form, and we will talk you through what your Land Rover may need.

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