Land Rover - 1/2 Ton Lightweight - Battery Faliure & Coolant Leak


Land Rover 1/2 Ton Lightweight


02 September 2020


Land Rover

Land Rover - 1/2 Ton Lightweight - Battery Faliure & Coolant Leak

Today we had the pleasure of working on this Land Rover 1/2 Ton Lightweight.

The owner of this vehicle came to us with two problems. Firstly the cranking of the vehicles engine was 'sluggish'. Secondly the vehicle was leaking fluid.

Thankfully here at Safari Engineering we were able to provide the owner with a quick diagnoses of the following; Battery running flat due to the alternator failing, and a coolant leak due to the radiator being well worn, from years of use. 


The job of an alternator is to generate an electrical charge which is used to maintain battery charge.

Some signs of a failing alternator are;

- Headlights are dim or flickering

- Battery dies

- Car stalls or has difficulty starting


The radiator forms part of the cooling system and is designed to dissipate heat away.

A key sign of a radiator being worn or broken is a coolant leak. if you have concerns of your vehicle leaking coolant, it is very important to get it looked at by a professional, as if left untreated it can overheat and cause serious damage to your vehicle.

Thankfully we have the skills to carry out such repairs on site, thanks to our staff who have an expansive amount of knowledge and years experience on Land Rovers and Repairs. Additionally most vehicle parts needed for repairs are available within our parts department. However, when a part is not readily available, we will order this as soon as we can (usually for next day delivery).

We pride ourselves on using top quality branded products on your vehicles, to ensure you have the best service.

If your Land Rover needs repairing, servicing or enhancing, give us a quick call or drop us a line via our contact form, and we will talk you through what your Land Rover may need.

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