Land Rover Defender Clutch Booster Kit Fitting


Land Rover Defender


11 March 2020


Land Rover

Land Rover Defender Clutch Booster Kit Fitting

This week we have been busy with many repairs, services and enhancements.

In particular this Land Rover Defender, who's owner was having trouble with the heavy clutch pedal. Luckily there is a modification available from us specifically for Land Rover Defenders that reduces the effort needed to press down on the clutch pedal. This takes the form of a clutch booster kit.

This servo clutch kit:

  • Makes your Defender Clutch easy to press.
  • Makes the Drive very pleasurable with easy clutch control
  • No more painful knees
  • You can press it with one finger.
  • Its like having power steering and no power steering
  • Smart investment considering how many times you use the clutch.

This kit will make your driving a more pleasurable experience and reduce the effort you'd normally put in from driving your Defender. No more painful knees or feet when you are stuck in slow-moving traffic! Designed, engineered and manufactured to the highest standards, Red Booster is a mechanism system that makes it possible for all Defenders to have a servo-assisted clutch.

The Redbooster servo clutch kit is designed engineered and made to the highest standards' so you can be assured of many years trouble free clutch pedal depressions.

Here at Safari Engineering we pride ourselves on using top quality branded products on your vehicles, to ensure you have the best service.

Most vehicle parts are available within our work shop. However, when a part is not readily available, we will order this as soon as we can (usually for next day delivery).

If your Land Rover needs repairing, servicing or enhancing, give us a quick call or drop us a line via our contact form, and we will talk you through what your Land Rover may need.

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